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MacBride, Stuart. FLESH HOUSE - Harper Collins 2006

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Flesh House by Stuart MacBride. 2006 - Harper Collins. For sale is a first edition, later printing. very good used hardback book in a very good dust jacket.

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MacBride, Stuart.  FLESH HOUSE  -  Harper Collins 2006

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The Book 'Flesh House' In Detail

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For sale is a very good hardback copy of the novel, Flesh House by Stuart Macbride, published in 2006 by Harper Collins.

Edition Details

Title Flesh House
Author Stuart MacBride
Publisher Harper Collins
Edition first edition, later printing
Copyright Year 2008
ISBN 0007244541
Cover Price 12.99
No. Pages 467
Dimensions 24 cm x 16 cm
Weight (kg) 0.78

The book is a first edition, later printing as evidenced by a number 3 on the copyright page.

The book has black boards and silver lettering. The boards have no knocks or signs of wear. Internally there are no marks or inscriptions. The pages are clean and white, have no tears or creases, and the binding is tight with some creasing to the spine.

The very good dust jacket is complete showing the original cover price of £12.99. It has minor wear to the upper edge.

Overall a very good copy of a novel by a popular author.

The book is not an ex library book, it has no remainder marks or publisher's stamps.

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Stuart MacBride

Stuart MacBride has scrubbed toilets offshore, flunked out of university, set up his own graphic design company, worked for some really nasty marketing people, been dragged into the heady world of the internet, developed massive applications for the oil industry, drunk heaps of wine and created the perfect recipe for mushroom soup. He lives, just left of the back-of-beyond, in northeast Scotland with his wife, Fiona, and enough potatoes to feed an army.

Synopsis of this title

A new Logan McRae thriller from the bestselling author of Cold Granite, Dying Light and Broken Skin, set in gritty Aberdeen. Aberdeen is panicking. It's been eighteen years since Grampian Police caught the Flesher -- the notorious serial killer who butchered people all over the UK -- and seven years since he was released from Peterhead prison, his conviction overturned on appeal. But when a container full of joints of human meat turns up at Aberdeen Harbour, it kicks off the largest man hunt in Aberdeen's history. Ken Wiseman is on the run and looking for revenge. Detective Sergeant Logan McRae is lumbered with the unenviable task of babysitting Chief Constable Mark Faulds from Birmingham -- one of the original investigation team -- and trying to keep DI Insch from throwing his career away in his obsessive quest to see Wiseman behind bars before he kills again. When members of the team that put Wiseman away in 1990 start going missing, Logan knows that things aren't as straightforward as everyone thinks. More and more human meat is turning up in the food chain. Twenty years of secrets and lies are being dragged into the light.And the only thing that's certain is Aberdeen will never be the same again.

Reviews of this title


Bloody deja vu: A generation after a prolific torturer is put away, his modus operandi resurfaces in a new string of crimes.Aberdeen Detective Sergeant Logan McRae is called to a warehouse at the docks in the middle of the night to investigate a gruesome discovery: a food freezer filled with body parts, wrapped like cuts of meat. Their counterparts may have been sold and consumed all over Scotland. Media types are already swarming the scene, and McRae's boss, normally phlegmatic Inspector Insch, is raging predictably. All the evidence seems to point to a return of Ken Wiseman, recently released from prison after serving 20 years for embarking on a sadistic crime spree. Unfortunately he's been keeping such a low profile that the police can't find him. The story fans out to multiple perspectives, including the press hounds tracking the story, a handful of police officers and Heather, a frantic victim abducted along with her husband Duncan and systematically tortured by someone she calls The Butcher. After surprising everyone by volunteering to come in for questioning, Wiseman raises the stakes by secretly capturing Insch, whose absence is met with mixed feelings by the squad. The earnest but slapdash work and infighting of McRae's colleagues, well-documented in previous outings (Bloodshot, 2007, etc.), again provides texture, humor and verisimilitude.A big, shaggy, robust procedural. The story and MacBride's writing are in vigorous, violent harmony. (Kirkus Reviews)

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