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Bonnot, Xavier-Marie. THE FIRST FINGERPRINT - MacLehose Press 2008

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The First Fingerprint by Xavier-Marie Bonnot. 2008 - MacLehose Press. For sale is a first edition, first printing. fine used hardback book in a fine dust jacket.

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Bonnot, Xavier-Marie.  THE FIRST FINGERPRINT  -  MacLehose Press 2008

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The Book 'The First Fingerprint' In Detail

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For sale is a fine hardback copy of the novel, The First Fingerprint by Xavier-Marie Bonnot, published in 2008 by Quercus.

Edition Details

Title The First Fingerprint
Author Xavier-Marie Bonnot
Publisher MacLehose Press
Edition First UK edition, first printing
Copyright Year 2008
ISBN 9781847243522
Cover Price 16.99
No. Pages 341
Dimensions 24 cm x 16 cm
Weight (kg) 0.74

The book is a first edition, first printing as evidenced by a full numberline on the copyright page.

The book has black boards and metalic lettering. The boards have no knocks or signs of wear. Internally there are no marks or inscriptions. The pages are clean and white, have no tears or creases, and the binding is tight and square.

The fine dust jacket is complete showing the original cover price of £16.99.

Overall a fine copy of a novel by a popular author.

The book is not an ex library book, it has no remainder marks or publisher's stamps.

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Xavier-Marie Bonnot

Xavier-Marie Bonnot has a PhD in History and Sociology, and two Masters degrees in History and French Literature. The First Fingerprint is the first of a quartet of De Palma novels and has won two literary awards in France.

Synopsis of this title

In a prehistoric underwater cavern off the coast of Marseilles are the first human engravings known to man. Among them is a crude drawing of a three-fingered hand, which has long puzzled archaeologists. Is it a hunting signal? A mystic sign invoking the spirits? Or is it, as many believe, evidence of ritual amputation in a Shamanistic world? The one who names himself 'The Hunter' apparently believes the latter. Driven by strange voices to kill and mutilate, he severs the body parts of his victims - and always signs his horrific crimes with a drawing of a three-fingered hand. The identity of this brutal killer is unfathomable, but Michel de Palma, of the Marseilles murder squad, has never lost a case, and he is not going to start now.De Palma heads to the University to investigate, but the clique of pre-history professors he encounters are as secretive as the cave-drawing itself. Slowly and alone, de Palma unravels a mystery that dates back to the Ice Age - and comes closer to discovering the killer's identity. But the academic community protect their own, and de Palma is no longer welcome in their circle...

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"Certain novels stand out and this is one of them...Bonnot will make you shiver"
La Provence

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