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The Moscow Vector(with Patrick Larkin) by Robert Ludlum. 2005 - Orion. For sale is a first edition, first printing. very good used hardback book in a very good dust jacket.

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Ludlum, Robert.  THE MOSCOW VECTOR(WITH PATRICK LARKIN)  -  Orion 2005

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The Book 'The Moscow Vector(with Patrick Larkin)' In Detail

The Book For Sale

For sale is a very good copy of the novel, The Moscow Vector(with Patrick Larkin) by Robert Ludlum, published in 2005 by Orion.

Edition Details

Title The Moscow Vector(with Patrick Larkin)
Author Robert Ludlum
Publisher Orion
Edition First UK edition, first printing
Copyright Year 2005
ISBN 0752857541
Cover Price 12.99
No. Pages 407
Dimensions 24 cm x 16 cm
Weight (kg) 0.78

The book is a first edition, first printing as evidenced by a full numberline on the copyright page.

The book has black boards and gold lettering. The boards have no knocks or signs of wear. Internally there are no marks or inscriptions. The pages are clean and white, have no tears or creases, and the binding is tight with some creasing to the spine.

The very good dust jacket is complete showing the original cover price of £12.99. It has a little creasing to the edges.

Overall a very good copy of a novel by a popular author.

The book is not an ex library book, it has no remainder marks or publishers stamps.

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Robert Ludlum

After a successful career in the theatre, Robert Ludlum launched his career as a best-selling writer with THE SCARLATTI INHERITANCE in 1971, the first of twenty-two consecutive international bestsellers. He died in March 2001.

Synopsis of this title

Russia's authoritarian leaders are preparing a blitzkrieg campaign designed to overrun Eastern Europe before the West can intervene. To succeed in this risky enterprise, however, they must first sow confusion and fear in the ranks of their enemies. With that in mind, they turn to Konstanin Malkovic - one of the world's wealthiest and most powerful men. Malkovic possesses a newly developed, genetically keyed bio-weapon. Undetectable and incurable, HYDRA is the perfect assassin's tool. Created using a strand of each victim's DNA, it is the ultimate precision-guided silent killer. Only Lieutenant Colonel Jon Smith and his Covert One operatives can stop this murderous conspiracy and thwart the Kremlin's bid to restore Russian to her former power..

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Patrick Larkin is a best-selling novelist whose collaborations with Larry Bond, including RED PHOENIX, VORTEX, THE ENEMY WITHIN, and DAY OF WRATH, have won critical acclaim for their suspense, realism, and unblinking appreciation of geopolitical and modern military realities.From Booklist

Although Larkin is the actual author of this novel, 'Robert Ludlum' novels now include 26 books, the latter ones, of course, written after his death but in the strong tradition of the novels he wrote himself. This new one falls in the Covert-One Novel series, now numbering six; Larkin also wrote The Lazarus Vendetta (2004), also part of this series. Moscow is the setting, and Larkin occasionally uses Russian expressions to remind readers of the locale. But like other tales of espionage, the action spans the globe, here including Prague; several cities in the Ukraine; other Russian cities; Washington, D.C.; Baghdad; Dresden; and Berlin. The plot concerns a biological weapon called HYDRA, 'the ultimate, precision-guided silent killer.' Months of preparation have gone into selecting targets for the first HYDRA variants and then finding ways to deliver them undetected to the chosen victims. Russia's aim is to kill America's most competent intelligence analysts. There's plenty of action here and some suspense, but don't the good guys always prevail in the end?

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